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My name is Ian and it’s great to have you here…

Firstly, let me thank you for taking the time to visit my website.  My name is Ian and I am a licensed Thrive Programme® Consultant living and working in Merseyside.

Originally from Ilford, Essex, I made the journey North in 1980, and settled on the Wirral.  Much of my work is in Liverpool but I work across the area and further afield, via Skype.

What brought me to Thrive?

I spent the majority of my adult life struggling with anxiety and depression.  Numerous visits to GPs resulted in various types of medication, but these provided only short term relief without addressing the root of my problems.

I reached the conclusion that I could not change, that my problems were ‘built in’ – it was just the way I was made.   This belief was hardly surprising given that nothing I tried seemed to make any significant difference.  I could not understand how my wife reacted so differently to me to the events that life threw at us and that made me feel inadequate.

On the surface I managed to appear ‘OK’ with the help of the medication, and I hid a lot of my inner turmoil, fearing peoples’ reactions and judgements.  As a father, and later grandfather, I had the belief that I had to be ‘the strong one’, ‘the head of the family’, so how could I possibly tell people how I really felt inside?

Well, eventually things came to a head and it was yet another visit to the GP, and more medication.  But this time it was different, I was referred for psychological help.  I spent some time with an NHS psychologist who explained to me that I am actually “normal”, there was nothing wrong with me – I was creating these problems in my own mind.  I took this on board and it was shortly after this that I discovered The Thrive Programme®.

Going through Thrive turned my life around.  I learnt all about my unhelpful beliefs, my desire for control, and my thinking styles.  I discovered how I was effectively sabotaging my own happiness, and, more importantly, how to change this.

I learnt how to take control of my emotions and how to approach life without fear of being judged by others.  I now embrace life and really enjoy everything I do – I am no longer just going through the motions.  I used to avoid parties and social gatherings, but now I am happy and confident, actually looking forward to these occasions.

Having achieved all this I decided to train to become a Thrive Programme® Consultant and I qualified in 2016.  The training was extensive and I learnt huge amounts about myself as well as how to help others with The Thrive Programme®.

You don’t need to have a diagnosed mental health issue to benefit hugely from The Thrive Programme®.  Thrive is all about helping everybody learn to Thrive and get the best out of life.

If you want to know how Thrive can help you why not contact me for a chat.

You can call me on  07857 307744

Or email: info@thrivewithian.com

I gained my Thrive Programme® licence by undergoing extensive training conducted by programme creator Rob Kelly. I am a registered Thrive Consultant® and I am bound by the ATPC Code of Conduct and Ethics. I am constantly undergoing training to ensure my knowledge is up to date with modern studies and new evidence always being introduced.

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