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What is Vaginismus?

Vaginismus (also known as vaginism) is a sexual problem affecting women, which can also have a secondary impact on a sexual partner. It can be an embarrassing problem to discuss and many women fear that they will not be able to manage it, going to great lengths to avoid sexual intercourse, or feeling anxious and fearful about this. However, with the Thrive Programme® you can effectively overcome this symptom for good, by learning to understand how you think and developing methods to change these. There is no invasive treatment and most women really enjoy going through the programme, despite the nerves or anxiety about their problem.

Vaginismus causes penetration to be painful or impossible due to the tensing of the vaginal muscles. Sufferers may also experience difficulty inserting tampons or undergoing gynecological examinations. This leads to a fear of sex.

It is an emotional and psychological condition. The causes of it are psychological, leading to a physical manifestation. This vaginal tightness may cause sexual discomfort, burning or tearing sensations, pain and inability to penetrate.

What are the effects of Vaginismus?

Vaginismus is the main cause of unconsummated relationships, and it can put relationships under great strain. It is extremely frustrating to be unable to physically engage in pleasurable sex and sufferers often feel abnormal and embarrassed about the condition. The anticipation of pain or sexual ‘failure’ further contributes to and reinforces the symptoms of vaginismus. This can lead to avoidance of penetration or generally turning your vagina into a no-go zone. This exacerbates feelings of failure, or general squeamishness about your vagina.

Get help for Vaginismus in Liverpool!

The Thrive Programme® teaches you to thrive. We have a proven success rate in helping people to overcome their vaginismus in order to enjoy a physical relationship. Furthermore, by completing the programme you will learn skills and techniques that benefit you in all areas of your life.

The Thrive Programme® is a life-changing psychological training programme that empowers you with the skills, insights and resources in order to take control of your life, overcome any symptoms or problems you have, and thrive!

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