The THRIVE Programme FAQ’s

You can complete the Thrive Programme® without the help of a TC, but many clients prefer to work through it with TC support. You can book an appointment with a TC for any reason; they all offer initial consultations for FREE which is an opportunity to discuss your issues or symptoms and find out more about completing the Thrive Programme® with them. All Thrive Consultant®s are licensed to support you with all versions of the Thrive Programme® including ‘Fly Happy’, ‘Thrive as a Non-Smoker’ and ‘Cure your Emetophobia & Thrive’.

Working through the programme with a TC is fun! Your TC will support you as you complete the programme, bring the sessions to life and tailor them to your needs ensuring you fully understand all aspects. Your TC can clarify issues, answer any number of questions and provide the motivation and accountability you need to get maximum benefit from the programme. Typically our clients look forward to their appointments and it is common to leave a session with a big smile on your face, feeling ready to take on new challenges with a sense of confidence and empowerment.

Completing the course with a Thrive Programme® Consultant at their clinic or over Skype costs £795.00 – less than the cost of a week’s holiday, or a course of driving lessons! Support resources are available free of charge at